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Highly Recommended!!! Make your dream come true in our high support sports bra, made of moisture-wicking fabric.

  • Scoop neckline and racer back offering powerful support
  • You can remove the cup pads if you don’t like
  • Soft elastic binding preventing from flip
  • Made of 87% Polyester/13% Spandex

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19 reviews for Essential High Support Sports Bra

  1. NatPat (verified owner)

    Very nice for the price! I’m a size 42C, so according to their chart I chose the 2X. My only issue is that it was a bit hard to get on the first time. Which I understand is how most sports bras are. My advice is to size up if you think it might be close. As far as performance, it works great. I felt very secure while doing my intense workouts. Also, as far as washing them, I’d suggest that you take out the foam cups before throwing them in the washing machine. I’ve ruined many past sports bras that way. The foam ends up deformed and never the same. In general, I’d say these are definitely worth the money! Just size up and be careful when washing.

  2. Lisa (verified owner)

    My other sports bras are larges and based on other reviews, I got the large in these, as well. They fit just right and the girls stay supported just like they should be. No real side boob issues. I walk, jog, do body-weight exercises and some mid-low impact stuff. I did notice the black one is a smidge smaller than the others but not too small that I couldn’t wear it.I had no issues with the black trim bleeding on the white. I wash them in cold water and hang to dry. After about 5 uses/washes things are still holding up well.Just a note, I took the pads out because I don’t need them; I take the pads out of all my sports bras. I work out at home and usually have a tank of some kind over the sports bra.All in all, a great purchase for the price and I will probably be ordering more in different colors.

  3. RebeccaGray (verified owner)

    I¡¯m a 38c and the large fit perfectly. I had to try them on as soon as they were delivered and I am very impressed with how well they fit. They have great coverage and seem to be good in terms of compression.On a side note: make sure you check the mirror when you put it on. The pads tend to fold in half when you put it on. They stay in place after adjusted.Update: after a month, they are not stretching out. I do wash them on a regular basis and there haven¡¯t been any issues.

  4. Keishmary Rivera (verified owner)

    I really do love this product. As a very busty female (40DDD or larger lol) it¡¯s so hard to find a bra or sports bra that fits and doesn¡¯t cut off around the edges and create extra rolls and looks unflattering. It¡¯s super comfy, I get full coverage, I feel supported, and most importantly confident. I don¡¯t feel like I have to tuck in a t*ty or keep adjusting the girls. I would highly recommend to all sizes especially any females looking for that support for our busty size. Perfect sports bra and I will definitely be buying more from this buyer!P.S. I ordered a 3X ?

  5. Ashley Brush (verified owner)

    These are very comfortable sports bras. The main issues I have are I have to wear two of them to be supportive enough when running or doing other cardio and the straps aren¡¯t the most comfortable because of how they sit on my shoulders. The straps are wide enough so they don¡¯t dig into my skin from the weight of my girls though, so that¡¯s pretty nice. They fit nicely across the back and sides so there isn¡¯t that ¡°bulge¡± look when your fat squishes out. They are very flattering with how they make your chest look. I workout at home so that doesn¡¯t really affect me, but if I were to go to a gym I would be happy with that. the price point is very reasonable for the 3 pack. and the colors I bought, grey, black, and blue, are nice. I wish I could find a great sports bra that doesn¡¯t have removable pads¡­ I don¡¯t understand why it seems most have them. I just don¡¯t see the point. They move around too much when being washed/dried. The nice thing about these is the hole to put the pad in is big enough for your entire hand, so it¡¯s easier to move them to the right spot unlike most other sports bras with the pads.

  6. CR (verified owner)

    Was skeptical of the quality of these sports bras but upon receiving them, I was shocked at how good they felt. I practice martial art and I also do a lot of acrobatic moves, so I need a lot of support for my 34C twins. They each have removable pads. These are fantastic, especially for the price you pay!

  7. ViviDee (verified owner)

    I am a nurse and wear these for work. That¡¯s 13 hours. Lately I¡¯ve been wearing one of them a week an extra day between washes because I didn¡¯t have enough (and I CANNOT wear an underwire at work), and they really didint lose their elasticity. But who wants to do that? I bought these a while ago at Walmart and had been looking for the exact match. It¡¯s hard to do with no brand name. But it is the exact one! Very durable. I do not launder them in any special way and the ones I¡¯ve had for more than one or two years are in perfect condition still¡ªI just needed more of them. I am large breasted. I overflow my 36DDD Victoria secret bra. I¡¯ve had a breast reduction and been through many sizes, so I¡¯d assume I¡¯m actually an F. The large is perfection. It¡¯s got a bit of stretch. I feel firmly held without tightness. I agree it¡¯s more for yoga/lounging/work, as opposed to running. Without the padding, my nipples show through my scrubs, so beware of that. Think that¡¯s it!

  8. ShannonVillegas (verified owner)

    First thing’s first, I have to say that their customer service is AMAZING! They got back to me quickly about questions I had after trying the dark blue single same bra as this one. I had other questions and they replied nearly instantly and didn’t make me go through circles going through another form! Absolutely LOVE it! It’s so rare these days to get a reply that’s not from a drop down menu!Second of all, I’ve had my dark blue one for a month and had to buy another, so I was super pleased to find a 3 pack for a really fair price. As I said in my other review, I love the fit and feel of these, I’m not well endowed and with these I get some cleavage without it squeezing me or making me feel claustrophobic (sometimes that happens). I love the fact that the side openings on these are big enough that you can stick your hand in there to adjust the pads. These are super comfortable and seriously are going to be my go-to this summer especially. I bought this to wear under razorback shirts and they’re just great for that, plus for wearing around the house when I feel like I need a bra but don’t actually want to wear one.Washing tip: using a mesh bag to wash the pads together so that one doesn’t get lost (I had that happen).What I’d love to see from the company:- All white (that includes the black edging)- All nude (that includes the black edging)- More fun colors!- I’d also love to be able to mix & match (though that might make things a bit more complicated)!

  9. LisaE.Hales (verified owner)

    I wear a 44DDD and had to buy a 3XL according to the sizing chart. Still not quite enough room for the girls and I am readjusting often to herd them back in their little corrals. Glad the padding was removable cuz seriously, at that size I don¡¯t need the padding. They¡¯re well made, comfortable, and hold up well to machine washing and dying. They are a little loose in the band below my breasts and the breadth weight tends to pull it down in front and up on the back. Overall I really like them and wear them frequently on this muggy hot summer when I just can¡¯t bear a wired bra.I would really appreciate sports bra makers/designers to delete the straight front fit if these types of bras and provide some more room for the girls. If anyone knows of one that would fit a bustier, full figured gal, pl are let me know.

  10. Robin (verified owner)

    My bras arrived in great packing, and I have been wearing them for the second day. It is just like I thought; they are exactly what I was hoping they would be not pulling on my shoulders but moving the weight around toward the center. I do a lot of computer work and my shoulders can roll forward after a couple hours and although sitting against the wall for 10 minutes works to get the kinks out wearing these bras really help me keep my shoulder back. I will buy more absolutely.

  11. M.Chase (verified owner)

    Pros:Sizing is extremely accurate. Use the chart and order by your measurements.The removable pads are great. I don¡¯t need padding, especially at the gym, so out they come.Cute! It can be hard to find a plus size sports bra that doesn¡¯t look like it belonged to your grandma. You could probably wear these alone, if you¡¯re so inclined.Light and soft. My old sports bra felt like it weighed two pounds, was some kind of slick, spandex-type stuff with some inner layers. Possibly bulletproof. Not comfortable. These are REALLY comfortable!The price is great! Sports bras, especially big ones, are expensive. These are affordable enough that I would buy more and not feel like it was a car payment.Cons:Comes a little lower on my rib cage. That said, no sagging. No weird underboob sweat/rash.Not as supportive as the really high-caliber sports bras. I would describe these, especially in the larger cup size ranges, as being medium support. Fine for yoga, Pilates, stretching, weights, walking. Probably less comfortable for HIIT, CrossFit, jogging, box jumps.The pros definitely outweigh the cons for me (I don¡¯t plan to become a CrossFitter or a marathon runner anytime soon, but I do okay). These suit my purposes well and I have no complaints.

  12. SamanthaScalf (verified owner)

    I was a little concerned because these didn’t fit as tightly as my other sports bras that I’ve had for years and are honestly probably too small now anyway… but after working out in one of them, I was sold. I was even able to wear it under a satin blouse for an entire work day after accidentally forgetting to pack a regular bra in my gym bag without looking totally flat chested!! I’m very impressed and plan to throw out all of my old sports bras ans replace them with these guys!! The only issue I’ve had is a couple of the pads came severely creased so it looks like my boob is a little deformed, but it’s seriously not that big of a deal. ((I’m a 32D by Victoria’s Secret standards and ordered a Medium))

  13. AllieOpinion (verified owner)

    I¡¯m torn a bit on these sports bras… I was looking for a very supportive and controlling sports bra for running and riding horses. Both sports include a lot of movement that can be uncomfortable for those of us a bit more gifted in the chest region so I really wanted something that stopped the bounce and was comfy enough to wear for several hours. These bras are SO comfy. There¡¯s no pinching or rolling or anything I¡¯ve experienced with other sports bras. However, they are not super constricting (so there¡¯s still some bounce) and they don¡¯t do much to lift up the girls (they more just flatten where you naturally are). The other interesting this is that this is the first sports bra that had removable padding. To be honest, I hated the padding because it gave me a weird pointy shape so I was happy it was removable. All this said, they are incredibly comfortable and easy to wear all day without feeling pinched or suffocated but they don¡¯t stop the bounce as well as hoped.

  14. S.Shellenberger (verified owner)

    I’m really picky about sports bras and how they fit and feel. I’m don’t do intense sports or anything, but I do like to wear them for comfort with my tee shirts. My biggest problem is finding them to fit me and not showing anything through my shirt. After seeing some good reviews, I thought I’d try these out. I’m so glad I did! They are super comfortable and soft. The material feels more high end. I have no issues wearing them with tee shirts or tanks either. I do run around after my kids outside and feel completely supported the whole time and I don’t have to stop and adjust at all.I’d highly recommend these and will definitely be coming back to purchase again!

  15. Lisa M. Seuferer (verified owner)

    I am a 50-something woman who has started a “Couch to 5k” running program. I am 5ft4 inches tall and wear a 38DD bra size. I am roughly 40 pounds overweight and have been doing a vigorous walking program for 6 months prior to deciding to try the running one. I needed a good bra! I am chubby around the middle, so I have a lot of trouble with bands rolling up or pinching under my breasts. I ordered size large in these, even though the chart suggested XL. This fits GREAT for my purpose! I feel very supported in my running spurts (60 second run/2 minute walk alternating), and is comfortable and breathable enough that I wear it to work (I’m a nurse). No straps sliding down my shoulders, the band does not pinch under my breasts, and it holds up very well with washing! I separate colors and wash these in a ‘linen’ bag in the normal wash. I do take the pads out when washing and wash them separately by hand so they don’t get distorted in shape. Once upon a time I nursed all four of my kids, so my nipples are very prominent even in a normal state of being. I appreciate the thin pad to give me some modestyso my nipples are not poking through my shirts. The price was fabulous and I’ve been intensely impressed with the quality – I will defintely buy these again – soon. Like all sports bras, they are a pain to get on if you are the least bit wet or sweaty. I did not opt for the style with the front zipper as I’m afraid the zipper would not hold up over time.

  16. JD MO (verified owner)

    These are great sports bras. They are supportive to run or do high impact cardio, and look pretty good. So far they are washing up well. Be aware that (like all sports bras with removable liners) the liners shift and can come of out place (or out altogether). I just spend a few minutes on laundry day when they come out of the dryer to put them back in order. Really good for the price – I’d buy them again

  17. CamilleD. (verified owner)

    these bras are super comfortable. I do not think that they will be great for high impact though. according to the other reviews, these ones were supposed to run small, so I ordered an XL (I normally wear a 36 DD). while these are more supportive than most of the lower-cost bras I have purchased, I am not comfortable running or doing any kind of jumping exercise in them. that being said, they are amazingly comfortable and do offer decent enough support to do lower impact cardio. they are so comfy I even wear them sometimes for a 12.5 hour shift at the hospital when I don’t feel like wearing a regular bra. I would give 5 stars if the top was a little more supportive, but definitely one of the better lower price options.oh, also, strangely enough- and another reviewer had mentioned this, but the blue bra ran slightly larger than the gray and black…. which I found weird but still, you can’t beat the price.

  18. Coolj21 (verified owner)

    WOW! Perfect combination of support and style and comfort! I was looking for a sports bra that was supportive and comfortable. I run once in a while and dislike the feeling of my chest flopping around. The bras that keep them in place are not very comfortable.This bra is unbelievable! I tried it on and it looked great. Gave me nice lift like a regular bra but it was not super tight. I stood in front of my mirror and did some jumping jacks. My chest had minimal movement. I was so impressed. Not to mention the bras look syper stylish and the price is right! I need this in every single color.I’m 5’10 and 150lbs and a 34DD. According to the size chart I should be a size large but I got a medium. I figured it would help keep everything in place better.

  19. Sabrina J. (verified owner)

    I’m a size 44DD and never thought I’d find a sports bra that would hold me up but these do! I bought the 3X for sleeping in and general wearing. They are very comfortable and pretty snug. I do not have perky girls so they do give me the “uniboob” look and I sometimes have to adjust them because I start falling out of the front a bit. I would only wear them for moderate workouts. I think sometimes the the pink one feels slightly smaller than the other ones but maybe it’s me. I didn’t have any issues with washing, even the pink one but I kept them with like colors. I definitely recommend removing the padding before washing. Otherwise they’ll come out or be so bunched up inside they get ugly creases that might be seen from the outside if you don’t wear a shirt over them. It’s a good buy, in would buy more.

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